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The Bellrays - Live @ The Barfly - 29th April 2005

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Author: admin
Date: 27-May-05

Another chance to see one of the best genuine Rock & Roll bands on the planet couldn't be overlooked, so we grabbed some tickets early a few months back for a night of the Bellrays & got a double bonus with some superb support!

Arrived just a bit too late to see the opening band, but after a few ice cold Beck's had slithered down the old gullet the second support band took to the stage and they blew us away.

SUNSHINE hail from the Czech Republic and delivered a stunningly massive wall of sound for such a small venue. I'd seriously urge you to check this band out! - The drummer had an Apple laptop which he sync'd to for some tracks to add in some techno synth groove-patterns, and with the guitarist utilising an E-bow for some of the tracks they poured out huge techno-rock grooves with swelling harmonic washes of sound on top... Go see Sunshine if you get the chance... They sound like a sort of 'more raw' U2 vibe; rhythmic pounding rock/techno music with a slice-thru vocal but still very much an archetypal guitar rock band in vibe, looks & style; delivering a quality sweat-drenched performance!... This band was made for outdoor festivals and large venues with that sound, but work equaly well in this small club venue thanks to a tight as fuck mix. They could really go clear if more people turn on to them.

Sunshine's website

So... Sunshine leave the stage and after a short break and stage changeover, the mighty Bellrays take to the stage.

We saw The Bellrays at the Garage last year and The Barfly is smaller this time, even more intimate & packed. They kick off but pretty soon run into some sort of technical problem, I'm not sure what, but for around 15 minutes tech guys are hopping on and off the stage franticaly checking leads and changing stuff. It kinda detracted, not good luck for them but they deliver thru it all fairly un-phased. Different drummer again this year, and he was amazing, I saw blood on the stick I'm pretty sure about halfway thru the set. He kinda looked familiar actualy, not sure where I've seen him before, but he seriously supplied the drums!

Tony was using the Tokai SG this time as first guitar, whereas at the last UK gig we saw he had the Tokai in reserve and the Gibson SG as primary. Amplification was a Soldano head this time... as usual down at the front we got fairly doused in his sweat at those 'go for it' headbanging moments. Lisa was on usual form, in her black dress & white PVC boots, great voice as usual, searing & soulful!... Bob powers out the bottom end on his bass and if you know this band you know what they deliver... Genuine classic RnB 'Rock&Soul' wonderland with a trash punk energy...

I Love this band! - There's probably going to be a push on the Bellrays coming soon, Partly I'm glad... Lisa's work with Basement Jaxx has opened up The Bellrays to alot more people recently, and apparently they've got some track that's going to be used by some car company for a forthcoming commercial; and we all know what that did for the Dandy Warhols in the UK at least... I'd have to say, the set was more melodic this time, they'd dropped a few classic's from the set like Stupid Fucking People, but they still rawked for us!... The whole gig was being video'd by 3 cameramen and there will be a 'live' DVD available soon I was told.... Anyways, they're probably going to be getting bigger over the next year or so, so try and catch them, although I can't see them playing larger venues that successfully; this band was made for small sweaty clubs, and that seems to be the vibe they thrive on and choose to play, but then doesnt every band really work better in smaller venues with intimacy?... I reckon so in most cases.

Quality band!... The Bellrays - the real deal - check 'em out of you STILL didn't get into this great band!

The Bellrays website

Sunshine's website


'The Bellrays - Live @ The Barfly - 29th April 2005'

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'The Bellrays - Live @ The Barfly - 29th April 2005'

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