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Record your band in a rehearsal studio super cheap!

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Author: admin
Date: 19-Mar-20

Here's the complete step by step procedure to make good quality demos of your band in a rehearsal studio. In this video we use an M-Audio M-Track Eight, but this works exactly the same with any audio interface with 8 mic pre-amps such as the super-cheap Behringer UMC1820, the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen or the Presonus Studio 1824c.

Record your band in a rehearsal studio tutorial (using M-Audio M-Track Eight)

Here's the time stamps along the video for the different bits

00:00 Intro & required equipment list
03:21 Studio setup to record
08:13 Raw recording example (unmixed)
09:11 Drums mixed example (clean drum mix)
10:03 Equipment setup back at home to add overdubs
11:17 Choices & setup for overdubbing new bass/guitar tracks & adding new vocals
15:19 IMPORTANT. Setting up the audio interface & recording software for 'Thru Monitoring' so performers can hear themselves as they perform/record the new guitar/bass/vocal tracks
17:34 Recording new bass / guitar & vocal tracks - 18:41 Song finished, rough mix example

Record your band in a rehearsal studio tutorial - Drum mix details

This video shows how the more polished drum-mix was achieved. The technique being used is generally referred to as 'Drum Sample Replacement' which is a feature most high quality DAW softwares such as Logic Pro X & Cubase Pro now have built in. This technique simply doubles (or replaces completely) the snare and/or kick drum recording track with a drum sample of your choice which is triggered for every snare and/or kick drum in the recording with the exact same loudness (velocity) as the original. This way you can achieve a higher quality drum sound for items like snare & kick to balance in with your stereo overhead channels & if required with the original snare and/or kick layered with the samples.

We hope you find these tutorials useful. Please add any comments below or on our Youtube channel video pages. For questions, please ask on our forums or again on our Youtube video channel. Cheers!


'Record your band in a rehearsal studio super cheap!'

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'Record your band in a rehearsal studio super cheap!'

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