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VST32 - review - Track Headers

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Author: admin
Date: 15-Oct-00

VST V.5 - new features

Here comes VST32 or VST Version_5 - you know what?.. i really like it, vst with the right hardware is more solid & stable now than it's ever been, both in operation on the PC & in it's interface graphic (fx excepted, they are still 'fuzzy' graphic's-wise) - As you will see, the redesign seems to have used lots of little subtle layout idea bits from other popular s/w's like Logic & even Fruity-Loops !!.. yup...

here's the main screen for V5 VST, as you can see the whole programme arrange area & track-headers have taken on a 'Logic-like' steely blue-grey quality. Tracks depress when selected, and generally all VST's 'bits' in the outer shell seem clean & crisper like the new Logic 4.5

VST V.5 - new features - Track Headers

First up the track-header area has been updated with a few nifty features. Notice also this new track-header Column called: N-E - that only appears if you have ticked/activated: Options/Part Appearance/Use Track Settings.... then you can use the N-E column to show & hide music-part names & contents. As usual all these vertical columns can be picked up and dragged into any left-to-right order. Just hold down 'CTRL' on the keyboard and grab the column-title to drag it into the position you want.

Ok, look up at that top area where the column-title's are located... When you click anywhere on that top area it opens a select list, where you choose which options you want to appear at the track headers. The top items default to be Ticked, but there are extra options like PAN, VOLUME etc.

Well, you can see, that after Ticking 'VOLUME' & 'PAN' there is now a small 3D slider display in two new columns titled 'Vol' & 'Pan' that has appeared in each Track-Header. You still have the separator bar between the Track-Headers and the Arrange area which you can drag left & right to reveal more or less of the Track-Header details/columns, so these Volume & Pan etc new columns that appear when ticked in the list can be hidden, but actually they are very handy indeed and work on midi & audio tracks for quick fixing as you work

It's a nice touch, in a way like having limited 'In-Line' monitoring controls on the Arrange page as you would on the channels on a mixer. You can do ruff changes there as you work to speed stuff up, then fine detail on the mixer-proper at mix-down time, so it's a cool addition!.

Ok, now more detail about that N-E column... notice this detail... The actual N-E column has either one or two ticks in it. If one tick is active (the left one), then the Music-Part 'Name-boxes' appear on the music-parts for that track. If the second tick is active, the music-parts also show the content (audio & midi) - If you look above you can see the N-E column for Audio 1 track has a part on it called 'Audio_1_Lady.WAV' - notice the name & the content is visible on the blue audio-vocal music-part/region to the left in the arrange area, and both ticks are ON in the adjacent N-E column for that track. It's a good little nifty feature.

Now look at this image, notice that the track titled 'Midi 9', (selected/depressed), has just the Right-side Tick selected and is showing the part-content ONLY (which is visible as 4 small blips across the music-part - inside that music-part is just 4 snare hits). Now see that the next track underneath, titled 'midi 10', has the Left-side Tick selected and is showing the part 'Name' only & no Part content. The next track, 'Midi 11', has both ticks active and is showing part name & part content...... Notice also that the Tracks 'Midi 9' & 'Midi 10' are on the same midi channel 10 !...

also notice that because Tracks 9 & 10 are two tracks both assigned to the same midi channel, (10), that you therefore CANNOT adjust pan and the pan is greyed-out for those two tracks. Also notice the two VOLUME slider are both set to midi volume 77, where two or more tracks share midi channel the Volume control is 'ganged' or 'grouped' - move one channel 10 volume fader, and they all move to the same setting.

Finally here is a detail of the pan & volume in use for a few tracks... Track 12 has pan set ot Left-27 & volume set to 107, Track 13 has pan set to Right-36 & a volume of 70, etc etc....

Well, all in all what they've added has improved working to some degree in some areas, and improved it ALOT in others, so it's all improvements to my mind.... The new quick-tick 'name' & 'part-content' display bit is fast & good and the pan & volume especially is good... Check out the corresponding 'TRACK-INFO' VST32 page to see how that section also works with the new TRACK-HEADER design...



'VST32 - review - Track Headers'

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'VST32 - review - Track Headers'

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