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Subject: VOCODER?!

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Original Message                 Date: 24-Sep-03  @  05:11 AM   -   VOCODER?!



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How the heck do you use the vocoder on this thing. The manual does a horrible job of explaining it.

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Message 11/15             25-Sep-03  @  02:36 PM   -   RE: VOCODER?!


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aww, I do feel for ya son. Guess I'll have to win at golf in a few hours then?

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Message 12/15             25-Sep-03  @  04:52 PM   -   RE: VOCODER?!


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oo-er! count me in for that  

oh btw, a mate told me that the virus vocoder is actually really good. you oughta fiddle with it a bit more i guess.

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Message 13/15             25-Sep-03  @  07:04 PM   -   RE: VOCODER?!


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I have worked with it. It was my only vocoder for a while, but like I said. I like the Warp Factory and the vocoder on the Nord Modular better, so I never use it.

Couldn't tell you how to get started 'cause I ain't used it in years.


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Message 14/15             26-Sep-03  @  10:24 AM   -   RE: VOCODER?!

digital rust

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agreed. completely. i learned how to use and then have
never used it since. it's not the virus' strongest feature by a
long shot.

orange vocoder, vokator and the warp factory all run circles
around it.

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Message 15/15             06-Jun-06  @  06:34 PM   -   RE: VOCODER?!

John Ghadimi

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Yep, this link should give you all the info you need. Make sure you are using a preamp with your
mic, or else you won't get a strong enough signal.


psylichon wrote:

You people suck! Dont bother, its no good anyway...
what kind of advice is that???

I searched on google for how to use the vocoder on
the virus and this was the first result. really people... target=new>



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