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Subject: Can anyone suggest a good card?

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Original Message 1/3             23-May-04  @  11:52 PM   -   Can anyone suggest a good card?



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Can anyone please help?

I've just bought a PC for using with Cubase 5 / VST 32 and now I need a decent soundcard.

It needs to have around 4 stereo inputs and a MIDI in and out port. I also need minimal latency when inputting MIDI information from my keyboard. The output will then be sent to a pair of Absolute 2 monitors, but I'm not sure if any soundcard outputs are already amplified or if I'd have to go through an amplifier first.

It doesn't matter if it's a USB or PCI card.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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Message 2/3             24-May-04  @  11:13 AM   -   RE: Can anyone suggest a good card?



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well, pci card would be best - my favourite as everyone knows is the ST-Audio C-Port system which at 260 quid-ish is very good value... that's my tip - balanced XLR outs for your monitoring (+ 8 line outs too) 8 x IN and 2 midi OUT ports + 1 x midi IN

yes you'd need an amp to power the speakers unless you got powered speakers.

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Message 3/3             16-Jun-04  @  07:34 AM   -   RE: Can anyone suggest a good card?


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Check that out.^ The M-Audio Delta 1010 is a great piec e of gear, 8x8 analog I/O and a
1x1 MIDI I/O. Truely a great card. I just need the cash to pay bills...let me know if you
are interested or just bid.
Also if you have any questions about the card e-mail me at
Good luck.

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