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Subject: Yamaha_CS2X loading new sound banks

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Original Message 1/2             21-Jun-06  @  05:25 AM   -   Yamaha_CS2X loading new sound banks      [Link: Yamaha - CS2X]



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How do I load soundbanks into my cs2x?

Trying to put the Vengeance sound bank, it's a midi file...not sure how to get things transfered. I know it must have something to do with the bulk dump feature but cant figure it out.


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Message 2/2             21-Jun-06  @  02:01 PM   -   RE: Yamaha_CS2X loading new sound banks


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yu got no manual then? it's prolly online at yahama's website

we can sit and tell you: "Put the cs2x into receive mode and hit play on the play device to send the data"

but the manual is needed to know which combination of buttons you need to press on the CS2X to prepare it for receiving the data


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