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Subject: YAMAHA_FS1R

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Original Message 1/5             22-Aug-06  @  01:54 PM   -   YAMAHA_FS1R      [Link: Yamaha - FS1R]



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hi...i have just purchased an FSR1 but im new to hardware synths and im having trouble rigging it up to cubase sx3

i can play it from my midi keyboard via midi out of controller to midi in on synth..but when i record a midi file in a midi track in the sequencer i cannot get the synth to play back whatever way i try to juggle the midi leads i can't seem to get it too work.. I have an M-audio omnistudio soundcard which i have the synth running into..

what midi leads to i have to plug in and out so that i can control the synth via the sequencer?

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Message 2/5             22-Aug-06  @  05:18 PM   -   RE: YAMAHA_FS1R


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The set-up will depend on what you want connected all at the same time; do you need to be able to record MIDI from the FS1R ? (I don't remember if it has any knobs etc).

To just play the synth from the sequencer, you should just be able to connect the Soundcard MIDI out to the FS1R MIDI in.

Nice piece BTW... been after one myself for a while.

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Message 3/5             23-Aug-06  @  01:25 PM   -   RE: YAMAHA_FS1R


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cheers Moujik, i have just registered my username so its the same guy who posted question

I want to be able to play the synth from my keyboard controller aswell as being able to trigger from the sequencer

if i have midi out of soundcard to midi in of synth how can i control it via my keyboard aswell? Do i have to reconnect the keyboard everytime i want to play the instrument and then connect up the sequencer to play from the sequencer?

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Message 4/5             23-Aug-06  @  02:10 PM   -   RE: YAMAHA_FS1R


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No, you definately shouldn't need to do that


Keyboard MIDI out > Soundcard MIDI in

Soundcard MIDI out > FS1R MIDI in

Your sequencer should act as a MIDI through allowing you to play the synth; at the same time you should be able to record MIDI from the keyboard to play back through your FS1R, softsynth or whatever.

If you wanted to connect all the ins & outs at the same time i.e if your MIDI keyboard has sounds on it, you might be better off buying a separate interface with more ins & outs.

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Message 5/5             23-Aug-06  @  05:44 PM   -   RE: YAMAHA_FS1R


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yeah.... select a midi track... set it's INPUT to the soundcard midi IN port listed

set the output to the soundcard midi output

connect keyboard midi OUT to midi IN on soundcard

connect yamaha midi IN to midi OUT from soundcard

assign sound to channel 1 on yamaha

assgn channel on cubase selected midi track to same channel number as yamaha sound

play keyboard... yamaha should trigger

record.... (from keyboard as you hear the yamaha)

playback and recorded midi is already routed to yamaha and it should play the recorded midi

leave them both plugged in


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