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Subject: Latency gets worse over time

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Original Message 1/3             20-Sep-09  @  12:06 PM   -   Latency gets worse over time


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I can't believe I'm trying to sort this shit out again

My missus bought me a telecaster

All the studio equipment - computers, preamps, mics, amps etc etc are in my mate's house

So I bought a Lexicon Alpha usb soundcard off digital village to play the guitar through my laptop using a amp modeling vst (anplitube). Problem is -- I set the latency to 10ms or whatever and 5 minutes of playing later the actual latency is getting worse and worse like 250ms and up. If I reset the latency on the asio control panel it goes back to being playable but the same shit happens again.

Latency also gets worse if I change some patch settings on amplitube.

Anye ideas?

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Message 2/3             20-Sep-09  @  04:20 PM   -   RE: Latency gets worse over time


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weird. latency should be latency. plugins add some of their own but that should be some constant amount, that way the DAW can compensate. are you using amplitube in some app or standalone? when you play something pre-recorded, can you route one of the tracks through amplitube and have it not fall out of sync? can you play your tele in and out of the lex and the DAW without amplitube and without the increasing latency?

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Message 3/3             24-Sep-09  @  08:46 AM   -   RE: Latency gets worse over time


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well ...

before buying the lexi interface i'd installed the asio4all driver to just try it out through the lappy's mic socket .. no joy, but i wasn't excpecting much.

so the other night i uninstalled the asio4all driver and was able to play for half an hour through the lexicon thing without the latency problem.

now, i can't think that the asio4all driver was causing the latency to 'degrade'. I think i probably mistook a jump in the latency for an actual 'getting worse bit by bit'. so i can only imagine unlikely scenarios like

the driver was being swapped over somehow
the lexi driver was freaking out then reading the latency setting from asio4all

all of which are unlikely to say the least.

anyway, all good now. i'm loving my new guitar, haven't played in years!

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