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Subject: Battery 2 has arrived :)

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Original Message 1/4             22-Nov-04  @  03:40 PM   -   Battery 2 has arrived :)


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hey hey! - any Battery2 questions?... fire away

I must say, the app' is good, seems cleaner now with better meu's etc, but i'm a bit dissapointed with the new samples/kits - too much weird and wonderful (mostly ported it seems from KONTAKT 'Best of synth' or whatever drums by the sound of it.

There's a few extra quite nice 'real' kits, some of which have like 6 types of 'mic placement', one per cell.. so you get dry kik on CELL-1, then descending verticaly in the cell Column below it you get

outside kik
etc etc

you can bring in/out more/less of the other mic's and balance the sound from dry to ambient.... It's a little like BFD in that respect except the additional mic placement shots are within actual cells rather than being a dedicated section for all kits... anyways, it does mean for realdrums you get the option of a few more basic kits with greater control of ambience without the need to apply fx and extra routing on the s/w mixer

However, i was hoping for some decent ethnic and percussion stuff, sadly there's just a pretty standard but well recorded latin set... some of the new hip-hop drums are ok tho, there's a nice snares and kiks, but imo too much oddball stuff generaly (btw you also get timpani kit which i'd say wasnt too often required ???)

Plus you get all the battery-1 kits all over again which if you already own Battery-1 is a bit sad

The comp & eq & mod' sections work good tho - definately an improvement in the few brief minutes i've had to check it out, the comp is definately a welcome addition as are the eq's and mod stuff, makes it more mangle-able.

Not bad anyways all in all


I had an idea for a script once. It's basically Jaws except when the guys in the boat are going after Jaws, they look around and there's an even bigger Jaws. The guys have to team up with Jaws to get Bigger Jaws. I call it... Big Jaws!

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Message 2/4             29-May-05  @  07:53 PM   -   RE: Battery 2 has arrived :)


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Sounds like you know something abut Battery 2 ?

Please check in on my thread about routing drums into Cubase("native instruments battery2"). Perhaps you have a qualified answer ?

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Message 3/4             30-May-05  @  04:20 AM   -   RE: Battery 2 has arrived :)


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hey k:

any tips on how to set up a proper "flam"? you know how gm drumkits the toms are set up to trigger 2 notes on one key? probably to facilitate realistic tom rolls...

having trouble doing it so it sounds smooth...using different start times on different loop segments ]

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Message 4/4             30-May-05  @  09:32 AM   -   RE: Battery 2 has arrived :)


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mebbe (without looking) setup the same drum on two cells each with same note-number and offset start time of one?

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