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Subject: upgrade or UPGRADE?

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Original Message                 Date: 13-May-04  @  01:31 AM   -   upgrade or UPGRADE?


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My DAW is a few years old but still kickin- 1.5ghz Athlon thuderbird on an Iwill
KK266 mobo- based on the old ProRec "roll yer own" specs, remember those?
Anyway, I was about to get some more PC133 ram but then noticed that the faster
ram was actually cheaper! But you can't use DDR PC2100 ram w/ PC133
occured to me...why not get a whole new mobo along with some new fast ram?

Well that's a lot more money! But perhaps it's worth it? What do y'all think? Will I
see a GIANT HUGE difference in performance from my current system compared
to a newer mobo w/ faster RAM? I'd probably also talk myself into getting a new
CPU while I'm at it...

Opinions, please.

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Message 11/12             14-May-04  @  04:54 PM     Edit: 14-May-04  |  04:55 PM   -   RE: upgrade or UPGRADE?


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Congrats on the new system Brad.

For others reading this thread who wanna save a buck, though, I second the K7S5A. Been running mine (it's on my secondary system right now) for many years now and it's been a consistently great performer and exceedingly reliable. Fastest booting board I've found, too. Even with only an 1800/512 in it, it still holds its own next to my newer 2800/1GB/Epox system. Now, I'm still convinced I might have some sort of bottleneck in the newer system, but it's still quite impressive to see such an old system hold its own nowadays

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Message 12/12             07-Jun-04  @  06:59 PM   -   RE: upgrade or UPGRADE?



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influx, what would you reccomend for a power supply in that setup? least noise? voltage?

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