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Subject: SONAR 3 is the sheeaaaat!!

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Original Message                 Date: 04-Mar-04  @  02:59 AM   -   SONAR 3 is the sheeaaaat!!


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I just had to say it. However, I do miss the little things of Logic, like hitting ESC to bring up the toolbox right under the mouse and double hitting ESC to return to the pointer tool... and double-clicking the track view to insert an empty measure so you can go right to the piano roll or drum grid for creating. Or how about the intelligent way that Logic would cease to chase the Now Time Marker when you scrolled away from the Now Time so you can edit earlier or later while listening to the current? Sweet, logical.

But Sonar is the king of loop, time-stretching and all. The pattern brush in the drum grid is tight and MIDI clips are a huge time saver. And the loop explorer....

So there are trade offs. If Sonar could pick up some of the smaller workflow-smoothing tricks it would be king of all audio production suites.

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Message 11/12             26-Apr-04  @  08:40 PM   -   RE: SONAR 3 is the sheeaaaat!!



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there ya go... I used to use cake all the time at around V5, when it was THE only decent Windows PC based audio & midi sequencer AND it had rock solid MIDI clock timing too.

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Message 12/12             26-Apr-04  @  08:55 PM   -   RE: SONAR 3 is the sheeaaaat!!


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It's still got good timing, depending on how tight the clock is on your sound card.

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