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Author: stu
Date: 18-Nov-99

Enlightenment have always been the ones to set the standard when it comes to London trance nights so you can imagine my surprise when I find the guys giving out flyers for an uplifting euro night at Tyssen street. I later glean between the realtime thumping beats of the Astro cafe Rig with James Munro in attendance something like that it's their party - nah! come on Mark. Jason? tell me I'm having a nightmare and will soon wake up on South Anjuna Beach with a handmade Enlightenment "Gotcha" (a pineapple and a banana curiously merged) and then we can have a laugh about it and catch Dino or Joti on top form at the rumoured (for the last 6 days) bamboo forest party.

Alas, in the UK euro uplifting cheese is the FT readers top tip for planning a private education for his kids. Cheesey seems to appeal to young first time ecstacy users fascinated by the idea that someone they know is probably engaged in oral sex in one of the cubicles and they implode into a mock pogoing motion - rebelliously uplifting - nah mate - as safe as a one penny bet on a dead cert - that's what.

Light and dark in equal measures is more like it. A bit darker? ummm risky might lose the crowd to that flashing cigarette machine by the bar. Trance in the UK has been popularised in the music mag Ibiza Mafia, but it's not the trance I know and love. The real question is will you compromise? will you settle for a few hours posing in that Daniel Poole T-shirt in a tacky club for the chance of possibly the occaisional uninspiring shag or are you heading for the beach with some Mr Minty in your pocket? and a copy of Cosmic Trigger wrapped in your towel?

Brighton - is the Trance capitol of the UK (if not the world) right now. Atomic having recently released the highly aromatic "Electrosect" after the exceptional Semsis offering "Letting Go" follow through with "Cause and Effect" by Psychaos, Joti Siddhu's debut album and damned fine it is too. When I asked Joti why its taken him so long to release an album he told me

"because now is the right time," - I could have released it a year ago but no-one really had a firm idea about which direction trance would take then - and sales of trance albums weren't pretty or clever - things have picked up a bit now, and again there's quality psychedelic trance being released.

Why look back to the smoothey house/club/rip-off prices/ when given half a chance they'd shake you upside down for yer cash.

The Warp Experience - a LIfe Changing 24 hour tranceathon in central London.

The London club scene is starting to get lively again as a massive new underground venue, called The Drome - under London Bridge station (entrance on weston Street) plays host to an evolutionary 24-hour synergetic play/party co-operative networking centre that's held every 2 weeks called "The Warp Experience" an event that has been described liberally by some as "Glastonbury without the mud".

The Drome is also where you can find the new Dream Creation HQ / office, since my decision 6 weeks ago that the energy of the play was so powerfully positive that any other endeavour with a similar focus on consciousness expansion in the vicinity couldn't help but synergize with it.
The play happily runs continuously (with short breaks between some of the scenes of course) alongside 2 dance floors, a gallery space, a market area and an extensive healing /experimental space from 9pm Saturday to 9pm Sunday in one of the oldest parts of central London.

When I initially arrived at the Drome in April, for the plays first showing in it's new home I'd already been up for a day and a night at a outdoor trance party in the woods and arrived suitably spaced and soggy, rain having stopped play, so I was simply happy to snuck in and find a warm dry spot, with a few familiar faces knocking about that I knew from the Megatripolis days/Glastonbury's Green Futures Field. After watching 20 hours of the play and wandering through the largely empty labyryinth of arches (as they were on that occasion), It was clear to me that I'd been Warped, never again to return to normality.

The play, written by Neal Oram, and currently directed by Ken Cambell's daughter Daisy, traces the experiences of a young family - Phil, Meg and their daughter Sarah, through the psychedelic 60's and Phil's search for the answers to some of life's fundamental questions, in the wake of Acid, Speed, Music, Flower Power, Free Love, madness, paranoia and of course gurus such as Rajneesh (aka Osho).

I found some of the situations and experiances portrayed painfully close to my own, something I'm sure alot of other people would be able to say. An intense and well acted play that fills-in anyone too young to fully appreciate what happened in the 60's with the full story of our collective psychedelic awakening. The 24 hour duration and subsequent feeling of total immersion (should you watch alot of it - as I did that 1st time) definitely seems to have the power to rewire the neurons and reframes reality as a continuous process of evolution where anything's possible, even showers and a 100% genuine hot tub full of naked bodies of various ages and shapes.

Frazer Clarke, the man behind the hugely popular Megatripolis venture and editor of "Encyclopedia Psychedelica", "Evolution" and also "Zippy Times", (All of which were incidentally inspiration for the eventual manifestation of "Dream Creation"), is also to be found behind the concept of "The Warp Experience" - with committed 'hands on' help in pulling things together from production manager Colin and energetic contributions from a large number of volunteers all into the idea of a psychedelic re-evolution while avoiding ecological disaster. Dino Psaras, Chrisbo, Michael Dog, Youth, Dominic and James Monroe have already played at the Warp, even I've managed to sneak onto the decks at some point over the 24 hours for most of them.

Ricky (Fluffy Kitten) will re-take the advertising reigns at Dream Creation (0181 740 4202), and Debs Elemental will be helping part-time in the office on the admin side - getting things organised - so a double-pronged injection of female energy will be making its mark.

Dream Creation issue 25 is out now, Featuring interviews with Semsis, BUS (GusTill) and Michael Dog. Also interviewed are 2 messiah's, one of which - going by the name "Gordon", claims to be the second coming and is preparing to do his own defence in crown court, charged with importing, selling and possesing hashish. He's noticed that in the British Law all drugs charges (such as posession) come under the general heading of "The Mis-suse of drugs" and he intends to prove to the jury that he is a Master Shaman who knows how to use them.

I had the pleasure of hearing Joti Siddhu's new album "Psychaos" in Macedonia, while he gave occasional illuminating background commentry on the tracks. I also discovered that he used to be a Ballet Dancer and he delighted us by demonstrating some nifty moves at Vienna Airport.

The Mayan Calender (see DC 25) and Ibogaine are next up on Kaptain Kairos's UK Log - SO Stay tuned.



There are a total:  5  comments posted to this page.

Name:  Pierre
Date:  21-Nov-99


Well put mate. Euro cheese is NOT trance.

On a more commercial note I'm trying to get ahold of DC in SOuth Africa but I've drawn a blank. I know quite a few people here who want to subscribe to it so I'd appreciate it if you could email details.


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Name:  Nabajyoti Dutta
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Name:  Colin
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Date:  25-May-07

Even you didn't mention me?

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Name:  colin
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Date:  22-Aug-07

hi stu call me on 07833-748111 or 078330-738130

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