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ik multimedia - modo bass

IK Multimedia Modo Bass (ESD); virtual bass guitar; real-time modal synthesis technology, no sampl...

ik multimedia - modo drum

Ik Multimedia MODO DRUM is a fantastic new modelling acoustic drum instrument....

softube - console 1

Softube Console 1 is an SSL SL4000E channel strip plugin with dedicated hardware controller. Add Con...

softube - time & tone bundle

The Softube 'Time & Tone' Bundle consisting of TSAR-1R reverb, Saturation Knob & Tube Delay is curre...

propellerheads - reason 5

Propellerhead Reason 5 - virtual studio rack, new features: KONG Drum Designer, Dr. Octo Rex, Subtra...

ssl - duende mini

Solid State Logic Duende Mini DSP powered SSL processing in a compact desktop format. The legendar...

ssl - duende mini studio pack

Solid State Logic Duende Mini Studio Pack - Duende Mini with 32-channel option, stereo bus compresso...

ssl - duende mini musicians pack

Solid State Logic Duende Mini Musicians Pack, contains Duende Mini + Stereo Bus Compressor, Drum Str...

propellerheads - record

The superb new Record audio & midi sequencer from Propellerheads - check it out! ...

ik multimedia - t-racks 3 deluxe

T-RackS 3 Deluxe, High-End Mastering/Mixing Suite Software, 9 processors (various eq, compressor, li...

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Super software workstation!

Synapse Audio Software - ORION

In the world of sequencers you have major players like Cubase, Logic and Sonar, and you have your indies, such as Reason, Project5 and Fruity Loops... and this one, ORION! - Orion's been around a while, but it all started here and most of the original Orion programme is still the same. Orion is a superb software sequencer for creating any genre of electronic music and it comes with a full selection of excellent synths, drum machines, samplers and effects. Orion also allows the use of VST plugins as well, so check it out with this in depth review which was the first major review of Orion ever published.

Latest Added Files & Samples...

behringer td-3 manual Manual 10-Jul-20

behringer td-3 manual english

[filesize: 1,988 kb]

james edward cosby minimoog model d (ios) presets Moog 20-Mar-20

free minimoog model d ios preset bank from james edward cosby

[filesize: 48 kb]

rumours riddim snare & orch5 hit Snare_pak 24-Jan-20

rumours riddim snare & orch5 hit

[filesize: 218 kb]

rumours riddim project with samples Environment 24-Jan-20

rumours riddim logic pro x project with all samples

[filesize: 1,969 kb]

logic pro x learn frequencies project Other 12-Nov-17

logic pro x learn frequencies project

[filesize: 530 kb]

drop leaf riddim logic song file Other 12-Oct-17

drop leaf riddim logic song file, includes guitar chaps audio

[filesize: 27,257 kb]

logic pro x melodica (exs) ethnic_instrument 09-Nov-15

a reggae/dub melodica exs sample set ready to load into logic pro x as a project. from there you can save the instrument to your own library.

[filesize: 4,406 kb]

logic pro x drum machine designer blank kit template .patch Pst_plugin_setting 25-Jun-15

logic pro x drum machine designer blank kit template .patch

[filesize: 361 kb]

aphex 230 Manual 24-May-14

manual for aphex 230

[filesize: 2,487 kb]

aphex 207d Manual 24-May-14

manual for aphex 207d

[filesize: 1,696 kb]