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Subject: "classic" synths? will new ones...

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Original Message                 Date: 03-Dec-03  @  10:23 PM   -   ever be considered?


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Just thinkin about this with my recent exposure to some old skool analog

synths like the xpander, OB series, Matrix, Jupiter6/8, MiniMoog, Prophet5, etc...

back 'then" they had character, defining "voices"...

wondering about the current crop...just a ton of VAs mostly, that sometimes dont sound all that distinctive...

do you think in 10-20 years any of these new synths will "matter"?

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Message 21/25             09-Dec-03  @  03:08 AM   -   RE:

Broken Silence

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JP8000 will definatley be a classic because of the unique supersaw. I do not think the XT will be one since waldorf will release the microwave WXT or whatever soon which will just have more waves and better control...I think synths that cannot be topped (in a good way or bad way) are going to be the classic synths. Sure, the JP is one big piece of shit but it has a unique "thing" to it being the super saw (and shit i've never seen any other synth with something that comes close to the "feedback osc").

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Message 22/25             09-Dec-03  @  03:43 AM     Edit: 09-Dec-03  |  03:44 AM   -   RE:

Optofonik - AKA, mick, rhyze, etc.

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Something that could make VA synths interesting in twenty years might be hacking. Since they are based around upgradable software it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that some enterprising lass or lad will hack the OS of one or more of them. The thing that has been perceived by purists as their weakness when compared to "classics" - a software based architecture - may very well be their saving grace in the future. The ability to mutate a particualr VA into something greater than the sum of it's parts (or code, as the case may be) could insure its continued success even after the manufacturer has gone belly up (you don't really think all these companies making VAs today will be around in twenty years, do you?). The brilliant thing could end up being that, unlike electronic parts used in vintage synths, there is no shortage of code that can be written and used in VA synths. Their longevity may end up being based upon their ability to be hacked and their inherent mutability. The VA synth whose architecture can be mutated to the extreme will be percieved as a "classic" but for a very different reason than a Sequential or an Arp is percieved as such.

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Message 23/25             09-Dec-03  @  10:08 AM   -   RE:


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now THATS an interesting opinion. ta rhyze

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Message 24/25             09-Dec-03  @  01:19 PM   -   RE:



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yeah - the JP and Virus for sure would be two. Prolly the Trinity's will be like the new 'classic' 1080

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Message 25/25             11-Jan-04  @  05:48 PM   -   RE:


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personally, I don't think many of the emulatios will be remembered as well as the newer hybrid analogs, like the MW1, the Xbase, or the Evolver. In fact, I think the Evolver is going to be quite well known in the next five years. I finally broke down and got one, and it smokes. Some of the characteristic digital synths might be remembered, like the XT, the Wavestation A/D, the fs1r. The JP8000/8080 most likely will never receive the recognition that the older Jupiters did, even with ONE (count it, a whole 1!!!) new waveform. Maybe some of the real serious pro workhorses, like the k2500 will keep their place in the history book, too.



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