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Subject: bask in this my minions!

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Original Message                 Date: 25-Jan-04  @  04:17 PM   -   bask in this my minions!

Broken Silence

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To my amazement, many of you haven't heard what a REAL supersaw is!

So I took some time out of my schedule and did a little JP-8080 demo for fun.

It's PURE JP- no extras. I didn't even use the onboard chorus- no extra effects- I did use the onboard delay. No reverb etc etc

I used the onboard treble control to bump it up a bit..

So here it is EIGHTY detuned saws..singing for you. Yep, 8-0- .... enjoy

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Message 61/65             11-Feb-04  @  09:01 AM   -   RE: bask in this my minions!


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everyone moves from one genre of music to another at some point in their life... and believe it or not, some people go from "deeper" forms of music to [gasp] trance!.... it happens every day even!!

And everyone, having found their new genre... seemingly in order to appease their ego... feels the need to view their new interest as some sort of personal evolution to a higher level of musical meaning.

But the problem is we have no frame of reference so you're both fucking wrong so just enjoy your music and shut the hell up.

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Message 62/65             11-Feb-04  @  08:07 PM   -   RE: bask in this my minions!


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what trance for an open mind?

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Message 63/65             12-Feb-04  @  04:23 AM   -   RE: bask in this my minions!



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Thanx BS i just dont want people to make the same stupid mistakes i did with being so closed minded so i am very opinoinated about music.
The reason i dont like trance anymore is because all the local as we call em 'scally's' (dont know what you would call em in the US) all love trance, in fact they love it that much that they blast it out of there cars as they drive by my house every day and round our way (Liverpool UK) trance might as well be classed as pop music that many people listen to it and know one has any idea about house music styles which does make it quite underground in my area. In fact it sounds mad to me that no one has heard of it round your way, it just shows how much musical tastes differ all over the world!!!

Sorry Blu if i misread your post, it was just coz you said about all the posts being from the same person that i took off!!!! as i said im not trying to offend anyone, i just want to get on with making tunes man.

Hi K cheers for da welcome back i'll get some stuff posted at the end of the month and edit my profile ect....
I love tribal and have made 1 or 2 you may like!!! but most of my stuff is derrick carter/dj sneak style funk or at least its meant to be!!!! l also have some tek house bits if you like that too.
Hopefully myself and a couple of mates are going to be starting up an internet radio station soon called Bumpin' Radio so i will give DT a link on the site when its up and running mabe end of march or beginning of aprill. But in the meantime if you want to have a listen to some of my tracks i will be doing a radio show on halton fm (which is also broardcast on the net) for 4 weeks in march with the aforementioned mates, we will be playing tons of new records, mixing live and have a cracking line up of guest mixes even if i do say so my self!!! - DJ Sneak!!!! - Layo and Bushwacker - Miles Elliot - Superchumbo - H-Foundation and more planned for Bumpin' Radio when its up so tune in man, i'll post more about it, links and stuff soon.



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Message 64/65             02-Mar-04  @  06:23 PM   -   RE: bask in this my minions!



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Good music is good music, no one has the right to say something is cheese or what ever if a bit of music moves you or floats your boat then it is simply a great bit of music, lets keep it simply if all you can do is slag others then you probably shouldn't try to do music unless you subject yourself to your own rules!

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Message 65/65             07-Mar-04  @  01:46 AM   -   RE: bask in this my minions!



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it's silly to not like something because LOTS of other people are liking it too.
scallies or whoever.....

i mean lots of people like water and air and food and you gonna NOT like those things for that reason!??

was that funky fries with that housey-burger?

it's the NEW deep man.

oh but we gotta pay just to get a peek.

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