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Subject: Access_VIRUS C

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Original Message 1/4             31-Jan-04  @  07:45 PM   -   Access_VIRUS C      [Link: Access - VIRUS C]



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Help! I'm completely lost and looking to begin making some cool music, tired of being in a band with 3 other people and not having free reign of creativeness, and I love electronic music (jungle, drum n bass, etc..) Money is no option, and I know there's prob a synth out there that's cheaper and easier to use, but I'm looking for 1 peice of equipment that I can make an entire song with. I'm willing to take the long time to sit there with the peace of hardware and just figure it all out. Someone please tell me if the Virus C is the right peice of equipment for me. I know it's expensive and prob for a more seasoned person, but I don't wanna have to upgrade hardware so the Virus sounds good to me, but then again I don't really know about this stuff. Help Me. Thanks so much to anyone who can help. Matt, New York

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Message 2/4             31-Jan-04  @  08:16 PM   -   RE: Access_VIRUS C


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well.. the virus c is an amazing piece of kit and can surely get you by but you said jungle and dnb? well, the virus cannot do drums.. *maybe* some kicks and hats and synth-style snares... maybe. but... you're probably better off getting a sampler and something cheaper that can do good bass sounds.

and then consider whether you want software or hardware.

oh.. and don't forget the sequencer (virus is just a synth).


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Message 3/4             31-Jan-04  @  11:48 PM   -   RE: Access_VIRUS C


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youre straight up limiting yourself trying to find "one piece of equipment" to do it all.

UNLESS you consider a powerful PC or Mac that one piece of equipment, loaded with a top quality audio interface, sequencing software with a solid array of plugins, plenty of softsynths, etc.

If you feel that youd rather have hardware, then an "all in one" is, while not nonexistent, a bad idea.

there are a few options. Yamaha RS7000, Roland MC909, Roland MV8000 (in NICE but expensive), Korg Triton (plenty of expansion options, _decent_ sequencer), yamaha Motif...

I still say keep things open so you can diversify.

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Message 4/4             02-Feb-04  @  02:22 PM   -   RE: Access_VIRUS C


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Virus is great but you'll also need a sequencer and sampler. Maybe an RS-7000 or MPC plus a Virus?


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