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Original Message 1/2             30-Apr-04  @  02:55 PM   -   EMAGIC_AUDIOWERK 8      [Link: EMAGIC - AUDIOWERK 8]



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How do i get two audiowrek cards to stop glitching.....and set both card up in the logic audio device set up?

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Message 2/2             01-May-04  @  11:46 AM   -   RE: EMAGIC_AUDIOWERK 8



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that's an oldie - i dunno - did they release EASI drivers for it? - i'm sure there is asio ones for it (it's a while since this card was mentioned)

if they did, can the cards sync in any way?


can you get one going ok?

you need to open the START/PRgramme files/emagic/

and find the menu item for EASI-ASIO converter

see if the ports are visible there - check the ports you want to use.

as for the two cards bit - dunno if it's possible, if they aint sync'd then you'll get slip and one will go out of sync with the other over linear arrangments (that usualy happens with 2 un-sync'd cards)

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