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Subject: Ortofon_OMB 10

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Original Message 1/1             02-Jul-05  @  11:27 AM   -   Ortofon_OMB 10      [Link: Ortofon - OMB 10]



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as I am living in Switzerland, I am not a EU citisan.

Do you sell things without VAT?

I am looking for one or two Ortofon OM 78(?) the needel which fits to OM or OMB from Ortofon for Schellack and I am looking for D-6800-EEE-MK-III from Stanton (as I have Stanton 680HP on a Stanton STR8-150)
Is it possible to pay with VISA or with Paypal(eBay-paying-system)?
Thanks in advance
Have a nice day!

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Viewing all 1 messages  -  View by pages of 10:  1

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