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Subject: speakers and amps info wanted

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Original Message 1/2             20-Jul-05  @  12:27 PM   -   speakers and amps info wanted


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which would provide the most ouput and what outputs can be expected running 2x8ohmsx300watt speakers in parallel off a 2000watt amp or 3x8ohmsx300watt speakers in parallel off a 2000watt amp,what im getting at is say im using 4 speakers total and say running a output of lets say 500w each side comfortably,and then i use 6x300watt speakers and get 600watt each side and the amp is being driven harder to achieve the extra 100watt output ,is its not worth it,can anyone help on this issue
so 6x300w on a 2k amp comfortable output = ?
4x300w on a 2k amp comfortable output = ?

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Message 2/2             13-Nov-05  @  09:44 PM   -   RE: speakers and amps info wanted


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The issue isn't the power handling of the drivers so much as it is the lack of impedance. Let's do the math here:

When calculating impedance running parallel speakers you get an inversion like so- 2x8ohms load gives you a 4ohm load. So if you use 6x8ohm speakers in parallel, you're dropping your impedance to something close to 1ohm. That's not good for most amps. I would NOT recommend loading your amp that way. See, statistics aren't much help unless you have all of them and understand what they mean. A 2000watt amp might be 2000watts@4ohms, or it might be 2000watts@8ohms, so unless you specify what the output is as a particular impedance, the figure doesn't mean too much.

Personally, I would recommend just running two 300 watt 8ohm cabinets a side. That will keep your load to 600 watts@4ohms per side, and leave your amp with plenty of headroom to not have to strain. Clean is better than loud. Also safer on your ears and your gear.

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