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Subject: Should I mend My Oberhiem obx

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Original Message 1/3             11-Feb-06  @  04:02 PM   -   Should I mend My Oberhiem obx

Malcolm Jeffery

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I have a non midi Oberhiem OBX with 6 voices and it has 24/db 4 pole filters fitted instead of
original 12/db 2 pole ones, it ways as much as a person and has injured a few peoples backs,
costs 120 quid every time it goes wrong and its old, thing is its sounds really do make modern
virtual synths sound very thin and unison on this is unlike anything you get on modern synths its
massive, and analog filters beat the crap outa digital software ones, sigh poor thing just lives
under the bed now, i wish modern synths just had the sonic richness these monsters have/had.


"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." Hunter S.Thompson -

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Message 2/3             12-Feb-06  @  06:08 AM   -   RE: Should I mend My Oberhiem obx


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Like most things in life, with analog-style synthesis, it's easy to fake 90% of it. It's that last 10% that's so hard to put a finger on, but that's the difference, and that's why people like you need to keep the old beasts around. To make us all remember what the hell it is we're modeling.

That last 10% is always an expensive range, but from the tone of your post it seems you already know what you must do.

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Message 3/3             12-Feb-06  @  12:30 PM   -   RE: Should I mend My Oberhiem obx


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yup... fix it, but oif it keeps going wrong ,mebbe get it checked for dodgy power issues? (assuming the repairer you take it too knows what they are doing and it isnt them halfassing repairs so it goes wrong again in future)


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