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Samplecraze release Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass

Posted: 04-Dec-18

Samplecraze release Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass: a package containing the highly acclaimed
Creative Effects eBook PLUS over 5 hours of video tutorials spread across 38 videos!

No modern hit is complete without a sprinkling of effects – what we sleep deprived producers call
‘studio fairy dust!’ Understanding the basic studio effects required to maximise your masterpieces is
one thing but what happens when you need something a little more esoteric in the multi effects
department? The Samplecraze Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass package delves deep into
demystifying how studio and multi effects work and how and when to use them.

Eddie Bazil shows you how all the necessary studio effects work – from reverb to distortion, chorus to
phaser, tape saturation, tubes/valves, harmonizers, vocoders, modulators, all manner of harmonic and
enharmonic distortion, filtering, flanging and equally offensive sounding effects. Eddie goes deep and
shows you how they work and how and when to use them to best optimise your mix sessions. Once
you have mastered the basic studio effects he introduces you to all the ‘other’ effects that are rarely
covered by online tutorials – scary subjects like the various orders of harmonic distortion, time
stretching and pitching, ducking effects on spoken word and so on. In fact, between the fully
comprehensive eBook and 38 videos on offer every type of studio effect is covered both technically
and in use.

The Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass package comprises of one extremely well reviewed eBook-
Creative Effects and ACCESS TO over 5 hours of 30 in-depth video tutorials that explain all the
processes listed. Each process is explained with before and after audio examples so you are afforded
real-life working examples instead of reference material that you then need to decipher using Enigma
code breakers. For those that are studio effects savvy Eddie has made sure to provide you with
enough technical data to keep you happy in your life choices.

This package is perfect for producers at every level, from beginner to Jedi!

As an introductory sweetener Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass is offered at 40% OFF RRP!

Web-Link: Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass

Test news item

Posted: 09-Nov-18

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