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Dancetech & Audioindy 'Music-User' profiles are for bands/artists/producers & deejays wanting to host their ORIGINAL music on the www - You add tracks with .mp3 audio-files - You can create Podcasts for your music which are compatible for submission to the Apple iTunes store.

  • Add up to 100mb of MP3 files for streaming delivery!
  • NO approval waiting time - upload and it's online & ready to stream!
  • NO downsampling or restricted sample-rates! The mp3 you upload is the mp3 people hear!
  • Deep Links! - We give 'em! - Streaming and download links you can use anywhere!
  • One-click create Podcasts and iTunes store compatible podcasts!
  • Create virtual Albums, assign tracks to albums - Stream at once!
  • Stack the play-order differently for Album-tracks & main Tracklist/Podcast!

Free music websites are back!!

Yup!... a 100% free proper websites
designed just for musicians, bands and deejays!

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