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Subject: direct recording bass?

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Original Message                 Date: 25-Oct-02  @  01:18 AM   -   direct recording bass?



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ive been wanting to get into the bass for a
while, and now it looks like im going to need
to for an upcoming project.
im looking for recommendations for tools that
i can use for directly recording bass into my
console, la Line 6 Pod. I know they make a
bass Pod but i havent heard too much about it.
being as there are now several direct
recording boxes for guitar it doesnt seem like
a stretch for there to be ones for bass as well.
looking for some recommendations.

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Message 11/14             31-Oct-02  @  07:43 AM   -   RE: direct recording bass?


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H&K B.A.T.T.
all tube. yummy warm greasy. great for direct stuff.

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Message 12/14             31-Oct-02  @  06:18 PM   -   RE: direct recording bass?


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yeah, if only i could find one ;)

i have a blues master too (got it a week ago!), it looks very similar to the batt (12ax7 pre, el84 power) but so far the bass sounds better on the tubeman (a cheapo dean 88), need to play with it some more...

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Message 13/14             31-Oct-02  @  10:05 PM   -   RE: direct recording bass?


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if i ever do my cartoon about the race of pixies that eat not foods but oils ('oh look! oil!') i'm gonig to make sure there's a pongoid reference.

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Message 14/14             20-Mar-03  @  05:19 AM   -   RE: direct recording bass?



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I use the Sansamp. I got it for $169. Ultimately I
like to mix the sound of my amp and the Sansamp.
Sansamp for clean, full, low end and amp for
clanky, distorted character. Use it that way live
too. The sansamp has good tonal control and
distortion as well. Sounds great direct and perks
up a crappy combo real nice. It's paid for itself
a couple of times over. MXR recently put out a
bass di with distortion for $150. Have'nt tried
but I'll bet it sounds pretty

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