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Subject: tip and tricks for pro-mixes

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Original Message                 Date: 22-Feb-02  @  09:09 PM   -   tip and tricks for pro-mixes


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1) Insert a 2band eq or two in to the reverb chain to high and lowpass filter your reverbs. This cleans them up and they shimmer nicley.
2) #1 also works on delays
3)use a chorus/flanger as a splitter to make subrtactor synths have stereo out. select bypass. This will make #4 possible.
4)insert a delay into one channel of each stereo track. Alternate between delaying the left and right channels of all of your tracks, except the kick and bass, between 1-50ms. This will open up the mix and give new life and space to all your sounds. Works wonders on snares, pads, and hi-hats rolls giveing the last an auto pan effect you hear on Hybrid, Uberzone, etc. You may have two play with the wet dry mix on the drums. Solo out the track and get it right. Most synth parts work best 100% wet, but snares are trickier requiring 1-3ms, and %10-%50 wet.
5)to get thick unison synths , use 3-4 subtractors submixed to one mixer. Use two of the same osc on each subtractor. Sequence out your entire song, and then when you have the track with all filter tweaks done, copy the midi to the other two tracks, and copy the patch two the other two synths. If you make changes you will need to recopy the midi over and the patch over again.
6)Export some of your one hit sweeps and stabs. Load them into an editor like wavelab or soungeforge. reverse them, then load them back into an empry NN19 and assign them to a key. You can do this by hitting the file button at the top of the display window. Works great for creating reversed snares,hats, sweeps strings etc. I also loaded an 808 kick that I use for old school pitched kcik drum.
7)if yoiu have rebirth take advantage of loading those standard aiff files into a Redrum. They are locared in the propellorheads\modpacker\standard componants file. 909 kicks and hats never let me down.
8)For Sonar users,if you have a multi-channel sound card like a dspfactory, you can run Reason with Sonar. I use this for tracking vocals. You just select no audio in reason. launch Sonar, then select the directx driver in reason. Put those headphones on and set up you input buss to recieve audio from only the mic in and away you go, then load the vocals into a NN19 after they have been compressed using a waves RCL or other nice plug-in comp. You can sync reason to Sonar using Hubi's loopback virtual midi ports.

Goodluck. I will be posting up some very usfull subtractor patches in this thread. I encourage you to add your ideas and patches as well.

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Message 41/42             22-Dec-02  @  09:48 PM   -   RE: tip and tricks for pro-mixes


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hey thats my idea fucker!  
but yeah if you want to beef up the drums run them thru maelstroms filter and fuck around with the filter the bottom 2 filter(forgot what hey were) it was the one with the minus somethin.. shit can t remember bit yeah one of those.. then turn the res up and fuck with the cutoff you will get a kick sound so strong you felt like someone did kick you in the nuts. Believe you me it rocks.. oh and then add some sturation or distortion 

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Message 42/42             19-Jan-05  @  09:11 AM   -   RE: tip and tricks for pro-mixes


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Whatever happened to Brett? Those tips are really good.

Am I safe to assume that since these tips were written, Prop have added the splitter to Reason to replace the use of Chorus on bypass?

Love to hear what Brett can do with the newer version of Reason.

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