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JBL M553


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JBL M553

Category:  Products / pa equipment / crossover

Added: 15-Mar-02  |  Author: admin

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JBL M553

JBL M553, active crossover, 19"/1HE, 3-way stereo, 4-way mono

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Product:  JBL - M553
Name: Robert
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 17-Jul-21

I bought this to triamp a set of DIY speakers the use 4 electrostatic tweeter/mid
panels, 2x 8" low mids and a 10" sub in each cabinet. Amps are providing 350w to
the panels @ 4 ohms, 625w to low mids and the same for each sub. I also have
another set of 2 ways, 8" are filling in the low and sub frequencies. I run a DBX 2
way active crossover which works exactly as it should, simple, easy to use, very
straight forward never have a need to change settings. After assembling the 3 ways
I needed a 3 way crossover and found the JBL paired with a dvx dual 31 band EQ
for $50!

I was skeptical that it worked but fir that price I took a chance. The EQ works as it
should and even though I've had these pieces over 6 months and I took a look
inside the crossover, checked all jumpers, made sure everything was not touched
with any solder joints, I can't seem to get the right sound out of it? When I turn the
low mid dials, one works the opposite of the other? As I increase the left I can hear
the mid getting more sound which is the opposite of what should happen? When I
turn the right I can hear the mid getting quieter but I hear no I creased coverage if
the sub? The amp lights do not show any increase in power output as you would
expect when you cut off at 300 compared to 70? There should be a distinct change
in audible output that will be noticed easily by any one.
It seems that it was working at some time or off and on but it changes sound
constantly. I find myself adjusting it every time it's on. I don't understand how this is
even possible but I'm not wasting any more time with the useless product. Anything
will be better than this piece of junk.

It seems as though these are actually meant to work with jbls monitors to cover up
their shortcomings and help protect them from damage as well. It has tons of
useless jumpers inside to configure it to work, it's confusing at first but after
studying it a while it's able to be set without their speakers. But it still has never
actually worked. I confirmed this using many different RtAs and never see the
expected results when changing settings. Nothing has the correct effect on the
overall sound. Don't waste your money on this one at any price im looking at a Rane
to replace it.

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'JBL M553'

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