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Category:  Products / music software / daw software

Added: 09-Apr-99  |  Author: admin

New price: £ Silver-150 ish / Gold 260 ish  |   S/H price: ??


'Logic' & 'Logic-Audio' were for years a mystery to me... all I knew was this mythical reputation... Logic owners used to say.. "Once you've used Logic - you wont switch back" .... Other said, "It took some getting used to, but now I'd not change to another"..... So it had this vibe, fewer people used it, and it has never been as popular as Cubase & VST... and if you look in DJ type magazines, you'll see ad's for VST & Roland gear, so marketing has alot to do with this.... Maybe it's true to say that Logic was a choice for the real serious midi buffs in days of yore, who wanted a totally configured midi setup inside s/w & had the skill to set that up or bother to set that up... Logic always had this rep' for being a midi maestro !....

So..... I recently came to get use of this s/w, and true enuff, whilst being the same in appearence & layout to Cake & Cubase, there are major differences that were a serious headfuck at first.... However, after explaination from a user & manual reading I understood it's protocol... once I did, it became obvious WHY it was arranged that way... and yes, in fact... it was Logic(al).....

After about a week.... I came to love this s/w.. and yup... I too wont be looking back.... First here is several reasons why I so much love it.....

  1. It installs easy & seems to have no bothers about audio-sync & clock problems ...
  2. It seems bulletproof crashwise - I HAVE run this s/w for 3 days non-stop !!!
  3. it's audio section is simple & quick to use..
  4. It has wicked pattern-based features
  5. The audio mixer, returns, masters & fx are all together
  6. response of audio mixer is fast
  7. The drum programming is Totally Austin-Powers...
  8. I made an instrument s/w editor 1st attempt with ease, and it works a treat.
Now, combine those things with a super-solid midi-clock and you're rockin mate.... This page goes into the bitz I find relevent & useful for dance... so no review of the scoring.... you'll have to go with a magazine for that....

What makes Logic different....what is the bot that trips people up.... here's the things....


Here's the layout for the Logic Track-Area.... as you can see, it looks pretty much the same as for Cake & VST, with the tracks to the left & their parameters, and the music to the right... and just like the others, Logic allows you to cut & paste & drag the music around.... You get into music-part edits by clicking in 3 different ways - Left, right & shift and control & left & right clicks... each opens a different view... Piano view.. like the normal view with notes & a piano-keys at the left... Controller edit... where controllers are listed and you draw them in... drum edit, and score.... so... all pretty standard there, and no brain cells lost in adapting... no..... there is another main protocol in which Logic differs and is at first confusing....

Ok... now LOGIC differs the most in that when you use Cakewalk, you click on a track, and it opens like the channel, wether it is midi or audio etc.. it's all simple.....VST shows the channel & stuff on the side, and it's pretty easy to get the idea... but Logic is a bit different....


Open up a Logic Track, (not the music parts, but the actual track-header).... and THIS is what greets you... mental huh ?.... and it foxed me for a while.... but I was shown the way.....here's how....

The above is the Default ENVIRONMENT... it has across the top 16 instrument icons ready to go... these are for SINGLE NON-MULTI-TIMBREL instruments, each assigned to ascending channels 1-16 ... you also get a single MULTI-INSTRUMENT - (the box-shaped thing with 16 buttons to the right)... This is a ready to go GM multi-instrument, and you can see it has like an arm coming of the side, which has a drum-kit icon at the end - this is the 'DRUMS-MAPPED'....and together with the GM set it is attatched to, they create a ready to go GM setup... with the drums on channel 10 MAPPED...

MAPPED means that the keys are named, and can be grouped, have different assignments etc.... in essence.. 'Mapped', means for samples or drums... NOT to play a synth sound or piano sound over keys like a playable instrument... Mapped channels can also have different mappings like with a Mapped keyboard... but in this case, you could for example make the MAPPED-INSTRUMENT all different drum sounds.. or samples... and they get triggered by any incoming midi data assigned to that ENVIRONMENT.... but equally, you COULD assign midi-channel-3 to a MAPPED-INSTRUMENT, and then assign 4 key-maps each to a different synth or synth preset... in that way, when you play your master keyboard IN to Logic on channel-3... it will route the note data to the instrument that is 'MAPPED' to the area of the keyboard you are playing... see ?....


Environments can re-route & assign data, and send out data controlling studio items.... lets look at this Song's 'Environment' in more detail....


Above is a close-up of the multi-instrument for this Song .... I created it by simply opening the default template ENVIRONMENT, (hence the other icons), and selecting Create-Multi-Instrument....

It is for the Novation Supernova... so the multi-Instrument is named: 'NOVA'..... I 'ACTIVATED' 8 'PARTS' within that 'Multi-Instrument'... one for each of the 8 available SUPER-NOVA parts... You can see the un-activated PARTS with a line through them, (9-16)...

The GREY box on the left (currently with NOVA at the top), always shows the selected Instruments parameters -

So.... To the LEFT is the settings for that ENTIRE NOVA 'Multi-Instrument'... This is displayed when the Multi-Instrument's Icon NAME is highlighted ONLY, (NOT any of the Activated PARTS).... This then shows on the Left the settings for that Entire instrument.....To NAME a Multi-set, click the NAME (currently: NOVA), in the LEfT-side GRAY Box/Panel & rename it....

So - midi-channel set to 'ALL'....... Midi-Out is set to my Sound-Card - the Tahiti... and below that, where it says: 'PRG' - I set it up to select Bank numbers for my PERFORMANCE-sets in the NOVA... so that acts as my PERFORMANCE-SELECT to which I can then assign the 8 'PARTS' of the 'Multi-Instrument'....

So.... If you Hi-Light the multi-Instrument NAME, it shows the parameters on the LEFT for the WHOLE multi-Instrument - PARTS within that 'Multi-Instrument' are set by clicking their Buttons...

If you CLICK a 'PART' Number inside the Multi-Instrument, the GRAY box on the LEFT shows the settings FOR THAT 'PART' ONLY as a SUB-CHANNEL/PART within that 'Multi-Instrument'.....


Ok... here now is a 'SUB-CHANNEL/PART' high-lighted from the entire 'MULTI-INSTRUMENT'....you can see that:

  • the PRG - (programme) Selected is:   BANK-5 / PATCH-NUMBER-95
  • the MAX-Volume has been set to 81
  • It is set to midi-channel 1

Simple huh ??....To create Custom-patch lists of names to match your synths, you simply click on a channel, and it opens the box with the BANK & PATCH names defaulted to GM-names or Numbers - You simply type in the names to match your synths Banks & Presets, and then save the whole Environment - and you then have created a basic setup ENVIRONMENT for your synth..... When you open it, you can select Performances, and then assign Bank/Patches to channels in your synth or sampler etc, direct from the Logic s/w....



Back on the main 'Tracks/Arrangement Screen' - (Left-image), we now have a TRACK-HEADER selected - WHICH IS ASSIGNED TO THE WHOLE 'MULTI-INSTRUMENT' CREATED EARLIER IN THE ENVIRONMENT-WINDOW.... - (Right-image)....

In the GRAY panel/box at the LEFT of the tracks in the 'Tracks/Arrangement Screen', I have already assigned 'PRG' in the ENVIRONMENT-VIEW to select 'PERFORMANCE-BANK' from the drop-down list..... Notice, the GRAY Panel/Box on the LEFT of the tracks, (where the drop-down list is selecting the PERFORMANCE BANK), is identical to the one inside the ENVIRONMENT - (right-image)...

Once the correct PERFORMANCE BANK is selected from the drop-down list, simply 'DE-TICK' the 'PRG' BOX, and that PERFORMANCE is FIXED/LOCKED .... Tick the Box again if you want to un-lock the selected bank/performance to choose a new one...



Back on the main 'Tracks/Arrangement Screen' - (Left-image), we now have a TRACK-HEADER selected WHICH IS ASSIGNED TO ONE OF THE MULTI-INSTRUMENT'S 8 'CHANNELS/PARTS', -

In the GRAY panel/box at the LEFT of the tracks, we can select the desired BANK - PATCH/SOUND PRESET for the selected synth..... Notice, the GRAY panel/box on the LEFT of the tracks in the ''Tracks/Arrangement Screen', (where the drop-down list is selecting PATCH), is identical to the one inside the ENVIRONMENT... (right-image)

Out in the TRACK/ARRANGE view, we can simply select a TRACK-HEADER... assign it to any of the 'Multi-Instruments' channels/parts, then use the drop-down list in the LEFT-side GRAY Box/Panel, to select PATCH/PRESET for that track....

Try out sounds with patterns as the track plays along by simply dropping down the list, and assigning new Bank & sounds.... You can name these drop-down 'Bank' & 'PATCH' lists to match your individual synths & modules etc....

Once sounds are selected and you are happy with them, simply 'DE-TICK' the 'PRG' BOX, and that Bank/Patch is Fixed/Locked to that TRACK...... Tick the Box again if you want to un-lock the selected bank/patch to choose a new one...

So... That is how the Environment together with the Track area is used to route in-coming MIDI & assign that midi to sounds within your synths....You set-up an 'Instrument' in the Environment-View, and all settings you create there are then quickly available from the Gray left side box once in the main 'Track-Arrange-View' window...... It has to be set-up... But once it is, you just open it up, and off you go....

The next step, is to also create a CONTROL-ENVIRONMENT.. which is faders, knobs etc that you can use to edit your synth to create new sounds etc.... (that'll have to be another page or there'll be too many images here)....

OK...... So... I like that part of Logic now I'm used to it...... I knocked up a controller for my drum-station in a few hours, and it works a treat.. I also created a MAP for it, so that BOTH 808 & 909 Kits are listed vertically and it's a snip to create patterns utilising drums from both sound-sets.... i can then flip over to the Control-Environment, and tweak ALL the drums parameters... all from s/w... all whilst sitting down to create the groove in the drum pattern window.. cool huh ??..... I like that... and the other have their way of doing that, but I really like Logic's way...


Ok... Logic tour basic's... the Edit Windows...First the PIANO-VIEW... standard with most s/w's of this ilk... here it is....

The blue area is the OPEN 'HYPER-EDIT' window, assigned to VOLUME - you can see a volume envelope drawn in... click to add or delete anchor points etc.....Pretty straightforward.... next...


Ah... yes the DRUM-EDIT... it is the nutz.... As you can see, this is the result of the drums being assigned as a MAPPED-INSTRUMENT.... Keys can be grouped as for the 'HH'- (hi-hats)... and the TOMS... This grouping is like for a drum box, and stops you putting drums on same beats in a group etc...

As you can see, each drum can have a different quantise, so I've picked a 1/4 Note for the kik..... and a swing for the Hi-hats, (although you wont see that at this resolution image)... You can see the KIK drum is high-lighted.... and the small panel to the LEFT shows the settings for the KIK-DRUM....

1/4 Note quantise (note: and grid).... PENWIDTH = 10... PENWIDTH is great and allows you to alter the width of the notes to suite... It's set to 10 for the kik, and you can see the kik drums added-in are big fat notes... wheras the hats (CH & OH) are thinner as the pattern is more dense.. they are set to a PENWIDTH of about 2 or 3.....

The interesting thing is that each 'DRUM-NOTE', or block is also a ladder... AS you draw in the Notes/Blocks, the Blocks are always the same height but inside each block, how high you draw the pencil equals that notes volume and is displayed by a darker shaded ladder - You can just see the darker Volumes inside each Note/Block......

This way, it is a 100% snip to set the Snare drum to say a quantise of 16ths, then drag across the pencil tool, starting low, and getting higher as you drag across... thus creating a row of 16th snare notes.... but also, at the same time, creating a volume crescendo rising up as you draw...... THAT is a great facility....

Once the notes are in the drum map... you can CLICK on a Drum_name, and all the notes for that drum are selected... you can then drag on ANY note, and ALL the notes retain their relative volumes to each other, but it drags the TOTAL volumes of ALL notes on that row in that pettern UP or DOWN in volume....

To adjust INDIVIDUAL drum Volumes, simply select ONE Drum Note/Block, and drag UP or Down to adjust Volume... simple....

You can also assign other stuff to each Drum Sound grid-row... from Quantise to Offset, Length etc....

All in all, I find programming drums a pure joy on this s/w.... it rocks !!... and it has FANTASTIC quantise swings...in fact there is another FAST facility I like on Logic....Others have it yes... but I like the simplicity & speed with Logic... check it...


Sure... I know the other have this in their way... With Logic it is so f***ing fast !!!... SIMPLY

  • Open a drum loop....
  • Hi-lite it..
  • Go to the menu & CREATE GROOVE...
  • Open your Drum_edit
  • Select a drum
  • Click quantise setting & the list appears
  • The newly-added audio quantise will be on the list, named as the audio-Loop it came from
  • Assign that quantise value to your midi drum or the whole track....(we come to that)

Ok... So that is Drum-Edit in a nutshell.... next....


Ok... Back to the main TRACK-AREA now... where the notes go... We've assigned our synths and what have you.... and now here's some OTHER ways that I find LOGIC rocks for getting grooves together LIKE LIGHTENING !!!!!

ok... here's the main screen again..... IF we select a TRACK.... that means we have clicked on a TRACK-HEADER... and as described already, the LOWER small GRAY box to the LEFT of the Track-Area shows the SETTINGS for the WHOLE-TRACK in terms of the BANK & PATCH selected, MIDI channel etc....

Still on the LEFT, above that GRAY box/panel, there is another smaller one... and this Box offers some great, quick super-stuff !!....

If we select a TRACK-HEADER, here we can see that the QUANTISE for the whole track is 8ths.... All the other Functions aren't assigned or used....It says at the top - MIDI THRU - cos the default setting is midi thru for all Tracks....

This one is different... Now, we have selected a single PART of music somewhere on the 'Music-Parts' area to the left..... and the GRAY box now shows the parameters for that selected music PART....which is Named: 'ROLL-SNARE'... again all settings are off or unselected....


here we see a selected Music 'PART', called 'HAT'....It's quantise is set to off as it is defined in the drum-map... but the LOOP is ON....

This LOOP is awesomely simple to use... Hi-Light a simple Hi-Hat pattern, and in the GRAY Parameter-box set the LOOP to ON.... See the GREY coloured copies instantly appear and will continue away to the right along the song's-length, UNTIL, they meet a new music PART on the same track.... This is SO simple to use... You create a bassline or Hat pattern... simply Click the LOOP to ON, and it just loops itself working RIGHT along the track length !!!... BRILLIANT.... AND SO FAST BELIEVE ME... You just sling your pattern on the track & loop it !!!... GREAT !!..

You can also assign different QUANTISE, & OFFSET the part in time using the DELAY setting..... this is GREAT to quickly create new patterns from old ones by shifting the start time forward or backwards as an OFFSET..... DELAY settings can be + or -... so you can Off-set the track or part, whichever is selected, using the DELAY setting in ANY DIRECTION - back OR forward in time.. Audio Tracks too !!!....

You can also instantly change the KEY with transpose etc....

Nothing groundbreakingly new there... but beleive me.. it is SOOOOOO fast to use, and ALL those things work with audio too... identical for audio & midi tracks....You can effect whole-tracks, or just seperate parts... AND ALL SETTINGS MADE DO NOT EFFECT THE NOTES INSIDE THE PATTERNS.... So ... Use the QUANTISE-SETTING on a Track or Music-Part... and it DOESN'T move or alter ANY notes within the pattern... it simply RE-Quantises the note data - ON THE FLY AS IT PLAYS BACK!!!... same with Off-Set, Delay, Dynamic's, Velocity or Gate-Time.... !!... ALL 100% ON THE FLY !!.... You can take a single Bass pattern, and apply a different Quantise or Off-Set-Delay for each time it plays !!... without effecting any note data within the patterns !!!.... same with audio too !!....wicked !

It's when you're working that all this is so great & makes creation fast & simple and PERFECT FOR DANCE PROTOCOL.......HERE'S A TYPICAL GROOVE 'GET TOGETHER'......


  • Open a new track
  • add a 2 bar drum-loop to an audio track
  • Listen to it?.. like the tempo?.. stretch it or leave it -
  • Loop 2 bars on the autolocate
  • hi-lite the drum-loop
  • Set the Tempo EXACTLY to match the Loop - (it does it with one click)
  • The drum-loop now loops around flawlessly
  • With the drum-Loop still Hi-Lited - Create an audio groove - (again 1 click)
  • Now create a MIDI drum x-pattern or bassline on a new MIDI track...
  • Hi-Lite the midi-pattern's Track, and set quantise to the audio-Loop's timing....The Groove gets better !!...
  • Now you have 2 bars of drum-loop & bassline all quantised to the audio drum-loop's timing..
  • Set the SONG loop/autoloop to say 32 bars...
  • Click the drum-loop - and set 'LOOP' to ON...
  • Click the midi-bassline-loop - and set 'LOOP' to ON...

You now have in a matter of seconds... 32 rotating bars of drum loop & bassline... both quantised together to the audio drum-loop's timing, and the whole Tempo set EXACTLY to make the drum-loop 100% perfect bar after bar... The Song now is 32 bars long... yet uses only 1 single 2-bar drum-loop... and 1 single 2 bar midi bassline... and it is already rocking.... Time to add some MIXING FX & EQ MAYBE......


Here is a typical 8 channel & 2 AUX-Return + Stereo-Master-Out mixer Environment.... There's no need to create one... open the mixer, and it'll create as many Audio & MIDI Channels as you have on the Track-Area....

The great thing with LOgic's mixer is first... ALL the parts are there that you need... Sure.. VST looks nice, but the windows for mixer, EQ, fx-rack, & fx edit always dissapear behind each other & the main screen when you go to select a new one... That is crap to me, cos when I'm mixing levels, I want... AT THE SAME TIME....

  • Mixer for the incoming channels to adjust input level....
  • Aux returns - to set them
  • The FX edit window
  • The fx sends
  • The EQ...

With Logic's mixer, like Cakewalk's... all these are there at the same time... AND STAY THERE....lets take a closer look.....

One good thing is that the EQ is NOT fixed on Logic... You can see here, I'm using a Cakewalk Parametric, Sweep & Shelving EQ all together on the channel...The Shelving & Parametric are both open for adjustment.... Each time you add an Insert, (Eq's are treated as Inserts), another appears ready to be assigned up to 8 Inserts....

Also you can see that 3 AUX SENDS are assigned... these can be PRE or POST fade assigned....Each channel has MUTE, PAN SOLO & STEREO/MONO switch... simple, fast response....just right for me...

Here's the 2 AUX-RETURNS allocated for this song... there can be up to 8 Aux' send & returns....One has a WAVES 'TRUEVERB' on it... The other has a Cakewalk small-reverb & also a Flanger....YUP... BRILLIANTLY, YOU CAN STACK FX AS AUXILIARIES !!!.....so an FX send can send to a stacked Reverb which is Compressed or gated etc... or a flange that is stacked with delay to get flanged delay, BUT as a genuine Multi-FX using ANY Direct-fx on your system - in Series !!... THAT is tokaly wicked geezer !!!... and each Return can be assigned as Mono or Stereo & has level & pan of course...

Of course, the whole mixer is MIDI controllable... there is also a seperate mixer for the midi parts, or you can have midi & audio all on one mixer...


Well..... It does it for me EVERY TIME.... I used Cubase for over 10 years... no more... sick of trying to get VST to work... unhappy with Cakewalks drum editing... Logic does it for me....Other good points:

  • Audio is simple to edit & Logic uses audio regions simply like in SAWPlus
  • SOLID AS A ROCK midi timing clock even with audio
  • Seems VERY stable, almost crash-proof - I can surf the web & do email whilst Logic is running
  • The INCLUDED 'TIME-MACHINE' Digital FX suite is excellent for all stretching jobs etc.
  • Works fine with all the Direct-x plugs I tried
  • Sync's to Video AVI files NO SWEAT 100% solid even on a P200mmx
  • Sync's to other prog's - NO PROBLEMS AT ALL
  • NOT fussy about soundcards - has a very solid audio-sync system
  • Super-fast Pattern-based features visible on each track/part
  • FULL midi control of all audio channels & audio mixer
  • Logic makes it simple to setup your studio In SOFTWARE for great control

I will do another article about building a 'CONTROLLER-ENVIRONMENT' soon, showing you how simple it was to create a TOTAL control setup for my Drum-Station... (hey Emagic even liked it and have put it into their website for download) - and that was my first ever attempt !!..... so it IS simple, i can vouch for that... With my first attaempt the results were good enuff for the company themselves !!.... I tell you, doesn't that tell you it is simple !!??...... They are so simple to build, yet yield such excellent results & control !!

I seriously URGE you to check LOGIC-AUDIO.... It starts with the EXCELLENT - LOGIC-AUDIO SILVER... which is cheap & has 8 audio-tracks with a max of 4 aux sends & 4 returns... but the rest is there....VERY good value.... and EASILY enuff facilities & tracks for doing dance.... and upgradeable to - LOGIC GOLD... more tracks, and more fx & returns....

The latest Version 3.6 add's Environment control for the Yamaha DSP1624 card.... so DSP based FX & Mixing ARE a serious option... in which case Logic would run easy on a 200 or 233 mmx unit whilst giving lots of FX.....It will run on a 200mmx or AMD, but it needs more power to get wild with the Direct-FX in any quantity, especially hi-quality Reverbs like TRUEVERB or TSC ...

Check LOGIC out 100% - it is perfect for dance music construction..... I tell you.. trigger a DrumStation from Logic... and you could be listening to a hardware unit the timing is so solid... I've yet to show Logic to anyone who didn't switch to using it once they saw it in action....

Yup... Sequencing Nirvana.......Comments please...

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User Comments

Name: twerk
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 18-May-99

Logic is the most flexible sequencer to date. My studio consists of several sound modules all which have been sucessfully disected into their own unique environments. Absolutely Bonkers mate.

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: uwe temme
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 31-May-99

look at logic audio 4.0.....
a milestep in creating audio-midi software

bye bye cubase

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: twerk
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 21-Jun-99

Just got the 4.0 upgrade today. OH SHIT!!!!!!! Im to much in awe to speak.....GO GET LOGIC OR SUFFER!

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: Cass
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 02-Oct-99

Love the midi timing. I've used the akai mpc family from there inception, and let me tell you, "logic is just as tight, or tighter then the mpc family. That says a lot for logic. On the other hand, the audio setup (using my gina) is kind of screwed. It sees the gina, and assigns asio drivers, but it shows the gina having a bunch of ins and outs that it doesn't have. Also the 1k asio buffer setting that gives the gina a 25ms latency in vst is unusable in logic (pops and clicks in the recordings) and the audio sync between tracks is bogus as well. Could it be that I'm doing something wrong? What ever the case, Vst has logics ass whipped when it comes to audio setup and recording. I would love to stay in the logic enviorment for midi and audio, but as it stands right now I'll use logic for midi and sync it to vst to do my audio. Oh, and by the way i'm using the 4.04 version of logic.

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: Giles Corey
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 14-Oct-99

I running LAP 4.04 with the
Gina 5.01 Drivers with no Problem
at All. The latency is incredible. Its
a very very stable platform this LOgic.
Destroys Cubase. Its even More solid
then cakewalk. I find logic very intuitive and you can get stuff done fast Im very pleased by its performance.

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: evol love
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 26-Nov-99

great piece of software-lets me do
exactly what i want!

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: Cade Prozac
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 10-Feb-00

3 simple words: LOGIC AUDIO ROCKS

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: mars
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 29-Mar-00

Logic is awesome! I've been using it since it started out as C-Lab Creator v1.0 on the Atari. One area not often mentioned is the quantize 'feel' of Logic. While other sequencers can sound stiff - even the straight 16 quantize in Logic feels good. If you're into playing unquantized stuff - with Logic, what you put in is just what you get back out. Nuff respect to the Emagic crew!!

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: KKu
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 24-May-00

Xcellent prog... I still miss W2K support *sniff*... But otherwise, _XCELLENT_!

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: mathew wilson
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 08-Oct-00

i must aggree with all the comments on this page because the plugins and interface the complete package is just fantastic and i have no problems with it. i am running logic audio platium 4.5 with maxi studio isis sound card , i know most people say that the isis is not that good but for the money its great. i use it in a professional studio and the sound is top when used with logic audio.

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: Erik Holm
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 25-Nov-00

I have used Logic Audio since version 2.5, with more or less good results.
When I used it on a windows based machine (until version 3.5), I had a lot of configuration problems with my studio gear. But when I shanged to Mac, it all worked!!! I now use Logic Audio Platinum 4.5. The best thing about Logig Audio is the Enviroment window. Here I have built a complete range of controllers that work with all of my midi gear, included my old e6400 sampler. Don't give up when you see the gigantic instruction manual!

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: surkis
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 14-Feb-01

I'm new to logic and would like to
know how to: create drum and bass
patterns and record sessions for out

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: julien
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Date: 11-Oct-02

i use logic audio 5.2.0 with the maxi studio isis sound card and i got problem of too slow latency with the asio2 maxistudio isis if someone can help me thanx

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: steve
Email: No email added
Activity: Professional
Date: 09-Nov-03

erp, its a bit late, but get on one of the forums and ask around, I know that people on the Fruityloops forum have solved this issue, as for logic I dunno

Product rating out of 5: 

Reply |  Add review/comment

Name: steve
Email: No email added
Activity: Professional
Date: 09-Nov-03

ooops I love logic, ignore that rating above!

Product rating out of 5: 

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Last added comment

Name: raab
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 17-Jun-06

i need to know that aswell

Product rating out of 5: 

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