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Red5 Audio RVD20


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Red5 Audio RVD20

Category:  Products / studio-gear + dj / dynamic microphones

Added: 16-Jul-04  |  Author: admin

New price: £25.00 Including VAT at 17.5%   |   S/H price: Not listed

Red5 Audio RVD20

The Red5 Audio RVD20 is a low cost, high quality dynamic microphone that has been tailored for vocal use.

So says the Red5Audio site - Finaly we got our paws on both the RVD20 & RVD30 and here's a full video review where you can see an appraisal of the mic's.

Our video's are currently NOT the sort of 'corporate' video presentations you get from Trade shows etc - This one started at 9.00 a.m... The postie called with the package from red5Audio, and I staggered out of bed, accepted the parcel, setup the camera and tried them out immeadiatly!...The results?

These mic's are phenomenaly good value! - If you are looking for dynamic mic's for a PA or rehearsal studio, look no further. I'd seriously urge you to try both before you cost your purchasing because of several things:

1. They sound superb - easily as good in terms of a clear balanced sound as a named-brand dynamic such as the SM58 without getting into subjective issues of 'character' imo.

2. The build quality is also fantastic - they'd survive as well as a name-brand dynamic, so in the worst-case scenario of a band trashing the mic's live, or perhaps a mic getting stolen from the studio or at a gig, your replacement cost is VERY low.

3. If purchasing for a rehearsal studio or PA setup, they are so cost effective, you could probably save the cost of a power amp or mixer by going for these instead of one of the usual suspects 'brand-name' mic's.

4. Your clients will not be dissapointed. They might not know the brand, but the sound is fantastic and they look and feel superb!

NOTE: One thing I didn't say in the review is that BOTH mic's as well as having gold-plated internal & external connectors, also both have shockmounted capsules.

Finaly, if you're on a real beginner studio budget, either of these would be suitable for recording vocals, acoustic guitars, etc

Don't think because of the price therefore these mic's are cheap tacky lightweight rubbish as in the days of old - Chinese made large-diaphragm condenser mic's have already proven themselves as well capable of taking on the usual competition costing many times more, and these dynamic's are no different! - I can 100% guarantee these mic's both sound as good, and are as well made as much more expensive 'name-brand' mic's!

If you're up for some mic purchasing, checkout the video review to get a look at them in action. - It's 79mb to download, but you'll get a proper demo lasting 20 minutes in high-bandwidth video... So if you don't have broadband, get a mate to d/load it and burn it to a CD for you to watch - You could save some money - The video review is for both models - the RVD20 & RVD30

ADDENDUM 21/10/2004

Well, we took both mic's down to the rehearsal studio last weekend with a pc & 8 input rack for a quick demo recording session to get some songs down. First we got the studio SM58's and tried a quick A-B comparison - Now remember, this was thru a PA system - a couple of 1000 watt amps, W-bins and two full-range cabs on each side with a Soundcraft 200B mixer - swapping mic's between the RED5 RFD20 & the SM58 was quite interesting because they were almost identical thru the PA.

The bottom-end and mid-range on the RED5 sounded almost the same, warm & full without being muddy which is typical, you couldn't tell really much difference, but the top-end of the RVD20 was clearer and more defined. Also the RED5 mic's put out more signal that the 58's - So overall, the RVD20 'sounded better' subjectively therefore to everyone in the room (4 people)

The RVD30 just sounded crisper again... A more defined top-mid presence without harshness and a lovely crispy silky top end which was even more noticeable than when comparing the RVD20 to the SM58's - The RVD30 costs slightly more than the RVD20's at £35 quid, and gives consequently a slight step 'up' in overall clarity & crispness.

Anyways, suffice to say, everyone was suitably impressed - especialy the studio owner :) - because, on top of the noticeable audio improvement the RED5's gave over the 58's, everyone was also in agreement that the RED5's also looked more stylish & felt better to hold having a slightly slimmer profile.

Also, the ON/OFF switches came in VERY useful during the session to knock out the vocal mic's nearest the PA while playing back the takes from the recorder. In a live situation the ON/OFF switch of the RED5 mic's would be a very welcome addition.

Another point we noticed was that the RVD30 could go just that bit louder than the 58's thru the rehearsal-room PA before feedback occured due to it's Hypercardoid design.


Uncompressed .wav audio examples - ok, the singing aint great, but it's the sort of average dynamics to cover rock and soul etc styles - You can try this in your audio s/w with compression, fx etc or even burn it to cd and try it thru your PA to see what they'd be like thru your rig live.

D/L the zipped wav files of the audio demos

Watch out also for the Red5Audio RV6 video review coming soon.... a large-diaphragm condenser with cradle, pop sheild and case all for 46 quid! - another winner by the look of it.

UPDATE: Dec 2004 - i did some demo's for a rock/punk/thrash sort of indie band and did the session with all RED5 mic's except for the bass which was coming from the TRACE line out.

Track 1

Track 2

The Location was a Railway arch of the modernised type lines with a rockwoll or whatever insulated behind an inner skin of corrogated nylon sheeting which lines the inside of the whole arch - blanets and a parachute help reduce the upward stuff, and the room is broken up well with stored gear and a large setee acts as a good absorber. Anyways, it's not a recording studio is the point, it's similar to many gig stage sort of space.

The guitar was thru a marshall JCM800 and Marshall cab which was mic'd with RVD20 and the RVD30 was used for the vocal - the RVK7 drumset was used on the drums. Kik drum mic inside kik, snare mic sadly underneath which i really didnt want (also picking up hat) and two overheads (both RVD9's)

Overhead one was between ride and floor tom angled into kit about 2 foot above - Overhead 2 was around crash and the sinmgle suspended tom on the studio kit - here it should be noted, the studio kit while not crap, isnt great, and the snare was some cheap old Premier or something metal shell

So the source from all the mic's was simply into a flat mixer channel on the rehearsal-room mixer (old Soundcraft b200) - A check was then done to make sure the mixer channels weren't clipping during a few loud bits

We then fed the channels out via 8 direct outs on the mixer to the hoontech c-port rack and again checked that recording is not clipping in Logic.

That was it... No ability to do any pre eq-ing or test and alter the mic positioning or whatever - We did a playback on the PA of course at around 1k and shook the frickin building (heh) it sounded huge, very raw... anyways so no mix was setup or anything, just straight 'mic on object' and straight to record via a flat mixer channel

It was all then mixed later using compressor on kik and snare, some eq, multiband comp on master out, reverb, room reverb and a delay plus some stereo widening stuff on vocal.

So the sound you hear on those recordings could be mixed with the gear as listed and that is a 'gig sound' you'd get with the RED5 mic's It is what you'd get with a few stereo comps, a reverb, delay, a stereo master compressor and a similar quality mixer (B200's are old but pretty great, but any common modern mixer with decent pre-amps would be similar-ish)

Not a bad sound at all i reckon for a straight live mix -With a decent engineer you can get that sound live no probs without tons of messing around, and as mentioned, the drumkit was almost cheap & nasty - good amps tho, singer was going thru the PA at the same time (not overdubed later) and the band volume was rehearsal-room loudness for a rock band

not bad anyways although obviously it's been mastered way to hot for live, mebbe i'll add the non mastered versions - good mic's for the dosh anyways.

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Product:  Red5 Audio - RVD20
Name: james
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 04-Apr-05

good value for money mic's.

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'Red5 Audio RVD20'

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