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Roland s220


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Roland s220

Category:  Products / samplers / roland samplers

Added: 03-Sep-07  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued  |   S/H price: 100 quid max s/h

Roland s220

The Roland S220 came after the S10 SAMPLING KEYBOARD AND before the S330 so it logicaly follows that this machine is double the S10 and half of the S330 in terms of sample memory, multitimbrality & outputs (4)... Sample time is therefore roughly half that of the S330 giving 8.8 seconds at 15K & 4.4 seconds at 30K total sample time, but again, like the S330 & S550, the S220 devides it's sample mamory into 'blocks' and you can't record a somple into the total memory.. In the case of the S220 therefore this means 4.4 seconds TOTAL sample time at 30k devided by four, for a paltry max 1.1 second sample time per 'block' and voice.. However you have to think differently about this unit and place it in the context of the mid 80's.. at that time to be able to sample any sound and then play it back melodicaly from a keyboard was pure arcane wizzardry!.. Yes!.. You COULD sample any sound and play it which at the time offered amazingly creative ways to make new sounds.

While the S220 is 16 note poly like the s330, you can only get 4 notes per 'part' with 4 multi-parts in total from the S220, which is half the S330's 8 part multi-mode - Like the early Akai S700 the S220 used the now hard to find 2.8 quickdisk for data storage.

If you seek an old skool gritty sampler this is worth a look if cheap, but there's much better old cheap classics out there in free-ad's land perhaps.. Anyways, like an old hound these units have character even if they dont catch rabbits any more.

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'Roland s220'

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